EX-502 Power amplifier 2x170W into 4Ω

The power amplifier EX502 (2x170W RMS into 4Ω) has been designed to meet the needs of amateur music or cinema.

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The EX-502 has been awarded "Hit Matériel" by the french hi-fi and home theater magazine "Les Années Laser" - N°214 December 2014.


The power amplifier EX-502 by BC Acoustique has been designed to meet the needs of amateur music or cinema. It will complement all facilities enabling them to achieve significant levels of power while maintaining a high quality musicality.

As part of a bi-amplification, it will drive any kind of speakers, including the ones that’s need a lot of power. Level variable gain allows it to adapt to all possible configurations. As part of an AV installation, he is very advantageously complement an AV amplifier supports the main speakers.


- High quality manufacturing
- 2 settings detachable volumes
- High-end components (Transistors Toshiba 2SC5200/2SA1943)
- 500VA toroidal transformer
- Auto Standby
- Controlled by trigger




With a preamplifier (stereo or AV)
The gain is primarily qualitative towards an integrated amplifier because of the complete separation of functions. And the treatment of small signals (pre-amp) remains completely independent of power fluctuations depending on the power demand of the output stages of the amplifier.

With a stereo integrated amplifier
This is called bi-amplification. The gain is all the more important that the speakers are "difficult" to drive. Thisis frequently the case with tower speaker for which most of today's manufacturers design filters with the resulting impedance is very low and therefore seeking enormously amplifiers as "power". A bi-amplification will allow both to improve the behaviour of the integrated amplifier and power amplifier (in comparison with the mode of operation with a preamplifier).

With an AV preamplifier
It's the same principle as for the stereo case knowing more than the integrated AV often suffer from a very dense structure is not conducive to a qualitative restoration of musical signals.

With an AV integrated amplifier
Most amplifierstoday have AV preamplifier section and decoding functionality very complete but the amplifiers sections are often sacrificed. For reasons of cost and space, including power supplies, are often undersized and it is impossible for them to drive simultaneously all the speakers of a system. A simple and practical solution is to use a separate amplifier for the main speakers. The EX-502 has been designed for this purpose. Not only the quality of amplification outperforms those integrated AV but more once released from the burden of the main channels of amplification, the integrated AV can then find a more efficient behavior for the other speakers in the system (central and rear).



Volume potentiometer
Each amplifier channel of the EX-502 has its own volume control. However if you want to use it as a "power block", the gains functions can be "disabled" using switches located near each knob.

TRIGGER Function
The EX-502 has functions of setting multiple standbys:

If the "ON" mode is activated, then the EX-502 is "controlled" through the "Trigger" the connections. Accordingly it is connected to the Trigger output of another device; the EX-502 will be automatically paused simultaneously with this device. The EX-502 running in "slave" mode.

If the "Trigger" input is not connected, then the EX-502 will always remain in operation until it will not go out through the main switch ON / OFF.

If the "AUTO" mode is selected, then the EX-502 will go into standby mode if there is no input signal for an extended period (about 10 minutes). An auto-detection system will enable the EX-502 to resume from standby mode when there is a signal incoming.

BTL / STEREO (STEREO or MONO Connection mode)
Depending on the selected mode, BTL (mono) or stereo, use:
Input: Use either RCA jack "R" or the "high-level input" speaker’s terminals "R". The "L" remaining made without use.
Output: We will connect the amplifier to the speaker via terminals "L +" (acting as negative pole) and "R +" (acting as positive pole). The two other speaker’s terminals are remaining without use.


LINE / HIGH (RCA inputs or High-Level)
If your "source" has RCA outputs, it is recommended to use the RCA inputs of the amplifier EX-502. Otherwise, the EX-502 has "high-level" input.
Use the "LINE / HIGH" switch to activate one or the other type of input.
In this case of high-level inputs, you must use the speaker cable to connect to the "high-level" inputs of the EX502 the speaker outputs of your source by connecting them in parallel.



Continuous average output power into 8 ohms:
2 x 100 W In stereo mode
1 x 300 W In mono mode

Continuous average output power into 4 ohms:
2 x 170 W In stereo mode
1 x 360 W In mono mode

Distortion: 0.08% (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
Signal / Noise ratio: 90 dB (1W)


1x RCA stereo input or high-level input on speakers terminals
               Sensitivity: 260 mV stereo & 240 mV bridge mono (BTL)
               Impedance: 45 pF kOhms/100
               Maximum input level: 5 V
8x Speaker terminals banana plugs
1x Trigger (on/auto)

Dimensions (WxHxD): 430x70x360 mm
Weight: 9.5



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