ACT A2.1 Tower Speakers

The A2.1 is an elegant floor standing speaker with very stable proportions. It succeeds extremely well to the very famous ACT A2.

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ACT A2.1




The A2.1 is an elegant floor standing speaker with very stable proportions. It succeeds extremely well to the very famous ACT A2.  Beyond a remarkable finish, it delivers a dense and playful sound. It also gratifies us with its beautiful openness and picture so characteristic of the Act range. A 3-way design concept, 3 HP, it offers good performance and is not too demanding to the amplifier.

The medium is used in "broadband"! It offers a natural definition of the most important part of the spectrum with a great depth.



Aluminium dome 17mm with fluoride coil
Double ferrite, compression chamber & exponential pavilion

Polypropylene membrane, 17 cm diameter
Coil 2 copper layers, 25 mm diameter, aluminium frame,
98 mm ferrite

Polypropylene membrane, 17 cm in diameter
Coil 4 copper layers, 38 mm diameter, aluminium frame,
98 mm ferrite

Treble: 1st order or 6dB/octave with adjustable capacity according to the desired level -2.0, -1.0, 0.0, +1.0, +2.0 dB
Polypropylene capacitors / 250V
Medium: Broadband mounting
Bass: 1st order or 6dB/octave, Copper air coil OFC 1mm² section


Power: 120 W RMS
Frequency response: 44 Hz - 50 kHz
Type: Bass-Reflex with rear vent
Impedance: 4 Ohms, min.: 3.2 Ohms
Sensitivity: 91.5 dB 

Dimensions (WxHxD): 220x1000x260 mm
Weight: 13 kg piece


With the ACT range, BC Acoustique wanted to create speakers with pure and elegant style, technically very accomplished. ACT speakers are the result of many years of research and developed careful. Their tight and clean lines cannot betray the technical efforts to achieve such an outcome.

BC Acoustique did not hesitate to develop its own measurement tools and adapt its manufacturing process and control. These tools give our engineers a fine much more work and are undeniably a significant step forward in the field of electroacoustic music.

The new ACT range uses a whole new evolution of our tweeter with improvements on the following points:
- More powerful engine (double ferrites with high magnetic field).
- Reduced the size of the gap.
- Using a new machining process for high precision and regularity of production.
- Automated installation phases for greater assembly precision.
- Decreased level compression chamber.

All this improvements have been made to allow the end of better linearity and a responsive decrease in harmonic distortion. Bandwidth meanwhile remains unchanged: 3 kHz to 50 kHz with a sensitivity of 93dB for an impedance of 8 Ohms. Finally the filter, because of the high linearity of the tweeter is in a cell is a simple 6dB capacity (polypropylene).

That is why the ACT range is accomplished and leaves so little to chance. And far from making art for the art, the music is finally the winner of this further optimization.

SPIKES: The spikes are devices designed to improve the clarity of the low frequency reproduction. They are used on concrete floors carpeted or carpet floors. On hard surfaces (marble, etc...) or parquet slats mounted on, be used instead of absorbing rubber.