ACT B1.1

s the single bookshelf speaker of the ACT range, the B1.1 has the ability and ambition of its predecessors, namely musicality and elegance.

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ACT B1.1

Our Canadian friends from are testing a whole bench of BC Acoustique products together. Test Bench January 20, 2014. « Stronglyto consider if you intend to board the high-fidelity! » - Read the article (French) in PDF.

As the single bookshelf speakerof the ACT range, the B1.1 has the ability and ambition of its predecessors, namely musicality and elegance. Particularly open and alive, it lacks neither scale nor heat. It is even amazing as she is able to fill the space with a wide and deep as its image and wide bandwidth seems.


Type: 2-way Bookshelf
Cabinetwork: MDF 20 

Pavilion BC100.1 

15 cm polypropylene membrane

Isolated high quality – mono wiring

6/6 dB at 3.5 kHz

Frequency response: 64 Hz - 50 kHz
Total harmonic distortion <1.5%
Long term Max power: 60 W
Maximum power short term: 100 W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 88 dB
Standard impedance: 4 Ohms
Minimum impedance: 3.6 Ohms

W = 168 mm
H = 284 mm
D = 225 mm with terminals
      230 mm with terminal and cover
Weight: 4.5 kg piece




With the ACT range, BC Acoustique wanted to create speakers with pure and elegant style, technically very accomplished. ACT speakers are the result of many years of research and developed careful. Their tight and clean lines cannot betray the technical efforts to achieve such an outcome.

BC Acoustique did not hesitate to develop its own measurement tools and adapt its manufacturing process and control. These tools give our engineers a fine much more work and are undeniably a significant step forward in the field of electroacoustic music.

The new ACT range uses a whole new evolution of our tweeter with improvements on the following points:
- More powerful engine (double ferrites with high magnetic field).
- Reduced the size of the gap.
- Using a new machining process for high precision and regularity of production.
- Automated installation phases for greater assembly precision.
- Decreased level compression chamber.


All this improvements have been made to allow the end of better linearity and a responsive decrease in harmonic distortion. Bandwidth meanwhile remains unchanged: 3 kHz to 50 kHz with a sensitivity of 93dB for an impedance of 8 Ohms. Finally the filter, because of the high linearity of the tweeter is in a cell is a simple 6dB capacity (polypropylene).

That is why the ACT range is accomplished and leaves so little to chance. And far from making art for the art, the music is finally the winner of this further optimization.