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Acoustic Coherent Technology

With the ACT line, BC Acoustique wanted to create speakers with a pure and sharp design using advanced technology.

The ACT speakers are the result of several years of research and development. Looking at their fine design, it is hard to realize the efforts that went in the making of the speakers and the level of technology that can be found inside. The result is quite an achievement.

Three specific technical aspects were particularly studied: internal resonance modes, phasingand distortion level.

These three aspects are often weak points on speakers found on the market, and this for a simple reason: the measuring devices used in the world of electroacoustic do not offer the necessary precision to clearly show some important phenomenon for which the human hear is highly receptive.

With this in mind, BC Acoustique decided to develop its own set of measurement devices and to adapt its manufacturing process and testing facilities to these innovative techniques. These devices give our engineers a higher precision in their work, making this a significant progress in the field of electroacoustic.

These technical evolutions make the ACT line an accomplishment with remarkable sound qualities. No place was left for luck. But we always kept in mind that the final goal of all these evolutions was to make sure that the listener would forget all the technical aspects and enjoy the best of what music and sound can offer.

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